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Whisky is by far the most popular of all remedies that won’t cure a cold.” – Jerry Vale, Singer

Whisky widely reaches across the globe in a myriad range of styles, flavors and varieties. No matter which part of the world it is, it seems the ideal way of enjoying this spirit is neat or on the rocks. Just like creativity has no rule, so do whisky cocktails too!  It is acceptable to use blended spirits or you can mix it with single malt. The thumb rules however is to go with what makes you comfortable and keeps you in high spirits.

The Rob Roy

The Rob Roy

It was created at the Waldorf Astoria in Manhattan to celebrate the 1894 premiere of the operetta Rob Roy. This is the quintessential Manhattan made with scotch. Sweet, dry or then just simply perfect, it can be served straight up or on the rocks. It is usually garnished with a cherry or a lemon twist.

Stir 45 ml scotch, 25 ml sweet vermouth and a good dash of bitters vigorously over ice. Then strain into a cocktail or over ice into a tumbler, and garnish. If you want to make it dry, then all you have to do is to replace the sweet vermouth with dry vermouth. To make it perfect, make up the 25ml of vermouth by mixing equal parts of sweet and dry.

The Thistle  

The Thistle

Dictionary defines thistle as a widely distributed herbaceous plant of the Daisy family, which typically has a prickly stem and leaves and rounded heads of purple flowers. This is not what this is about! This delicious and heady cocktail was invented by Harry Craddock, head bartender at the Savoy’s American Bar from 1925 and needless to say, all British cocktail fans will be forever in his debt.

In an ice-filled shaker, mix 30 ml whisky with 30ml dry vermouth. Add a couple of dashes of bitters and shake really well. Strain into a cocktail glass, and serve!

The Irish Royale

All that is needed is for you to replace the brandy in champagne cocktail with Scotch whisky and voila, you make a Scotch Royale.

Place a sugar cube in the bottom of a champagne flute and saturate it with a good couple of dashes of bitters. Add 45ml whisky, and top up with chilled champagne! The whisky can also be chilled by stirring it in a mixing glass over ice before it is strained it into the flute. This takes a little edge off its alcohol (for those who want to make the evening last).

The Blood & Sand

A drink which sounds exotic and is equally delicious to taste. The explosions of colour, blending in perfect harmony with each other makes this the ideal cocktail for those who want to paint their evening with many hues!

Fill a cocktail shaker with ice. Add 30ml Scotch whisky, Cherry Heering (a cherry liqueur), 20ml red vermouth and 20ml orange juice. Shake well until the shakers (and your hands) are chilled. Strain into a glass and garnish with a strip of orange peel. Serve with a swagger!

The Pickleback

This drink originated (allegedly) in the hipster Brooklyn bar scene. It is very refreshing and is a perfect pre-dinner taste tickler which can be then followed up with exotic red meat dishes.

Fill a shot glass with whisky. Fill a second shot glass with chilled juice from a jar of well made and good pickled cucumbers (these can be bought or made at home). Down the whisky, follow up with the pickle juice. Slam dunk in spirit style!

For the Whisky connoisseur, the vast flavor story of each individual whisky makes way for a plethora of opportunities for cocktail sampling and new creations! 

And if you wish to gift a bottle of Scotch/Whisky to someone, click here to learn how and watch them experiment with it. 

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