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published time By Liveinstyle published time 20 Aug, 2014 Share image 0 Shares

Season 7 of the popular classic TV Show ‘Mad Men’ is back with a bang. This TV show has best portrayed the dynamic and fast moving life of the Madison Avenues’ advertisement gurus, who made it big in the world duringthe sixties.

This new season will surely answer many of your questions. It will open some new chapters in the life of the show’s protagonist “Don Draper”. But ultimately, it will showcase some scenes wherein; Don gets an innovative idea while sipping an Old Fashioned, or Roger Sterling enjoying Vodka Martinis at lavish dinners.Liquors and cocktails grab most of the show, apart from Don’s witty statements, chauvinist style and huge ad campaigns.

Each and every characterin this show seems to have a favourite tipple, and as a fan you may surely like to sip one. So, why stick to plain spirits, when you can bring some glamour in your drink with these four Mad Men cocktails.

Old Fashioned

Whether Don is attending meetings or sharing dinners with clients, you will always notice him holding a glass of Old Fashioned. This quintessential classic mix combines the light flavours of Bitters, smoky flavours of Bourbon or Black Dog Scotchand sweetness of sugar. The relationship of Don and this drink goes long back to his early days at Sterling Cooper.


Apart from the ad-executives at Madison Avenue, this drink is cheered and relished by Don’s Secretary, Peggy Olson.This churlish, country side had developed an urbane style and upfront attitude. In season four, she was found sipping the Manhattan for the first time.After that, it became her favourite at Sterling Cooper’s buzzed up parties.

Tom Collins

After a long tiring day at Sterling Cooper, Don loves to sip this refreshing cocktail. In Season Two, you must have noticed him instructing his daughter Sally to make one using Gin, Lemon juice, Sugar and Soda.

Vodka Martini

Roger Sterling’s has so far appeared as a champion drinker, who loves to soak himself inVodka on the Rocks, or Stoli to be exact. However, in meetings and dinners, you will find him savouring the flavours of a Vodka Martini, garnished with an olive.

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