Stir the Brew with Cocktail Garnishes

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Every cocktail is incomplete without a proper garnish.Aneat garnish lends the cocktail its appealing look and enticing touch. In fact, hundreds of cocktails rose to popularity mainly owing to attractive garnishes employed.

Different kinds of garnishes make cocktails visually appealing. Not only do they give these cocktail sits own characteristic look but they also enhance flavours. These decorative additions are an expression of bartender’s singular style and illustrate richness in each cocktail. There exist a variety of garnishes that can be placed on the rim of the glass, floated on the drink, or dropped into it.

Before you dab into the whole designing bit to adorn cocktails, take a look at these standard garnishes used by bartenders around the world.

Lime Wedge

This piece is used almost anywhere from garnishing to rimming. Ideally, a lime wedge is fixed on the rim of the glass, but many bartenders use it to make the cocktail slightly tart tasting. By using a lime wedge, you can add a splash of colour and citrus flavour to the drink.

Lemon Peel

A lemon peel is a simple garnish used to add a little bit of smoky citrus flavour to the cocktail. It is prepared by simply dragging the peeler along the width of the lemon skin. The ideal way to use a lemon peel is to simply hold it over the cocktail, and gently drop it into the drink.

Maraschino Cherry

Maraschino cherries are widely used in different types of cocktails. Originally, they were called as Marasca cherries, grown in Croatia. These cherries are first soaked in brine water to remove the natural colour and flavouring, and then sweetened by dipping in a sweetener.

Orange Slices

This easy-to-make garnish is made by slicing an orange across its length. This basic orange wheel can be folded into various shapes to make interesting garnishes. The wheel not only adds an enticing look to the cocktail but also induces a bit of citrusy flavour into the mix.

Mint Sprigs

Mint Sprigs are either muddled or sprinkled to induce the signature minty flavours into the drink. They are used with a variety of cocktails, especially mojitos, to make them refreshing and delicious.

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