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published time By Liveinstyle published time 22 Aug, 2014 Share image 0 Shares

Most of us indulgent folks like to kick start our day with a hot cup of coffee. This aromatic, brewed beverage stimulates us with a strong caffeine dose, taking the dullness away from a dreary morning.

It is difficult to find a soul that is not taken by the unique flavour and unmistakable aroma of coffee. Whether it’s a hot espresso, a chilled latte, or simply coffee liqueur, every iteration of this delicious beverages will tease your taste buds and energize your senses.

Many of us consider coffee as an instant eye-opener meant only for the AM hours. But what if you got a way to savour its bitter chocolate-cum-nutty flavours during the relaxing PM hours? We have scoured and found a few enticing coffee-based cocktails that will instantly cure your fatigue and relax your mind.

Irish Coffee

This delightful classic is available in various flavours of coffee, each flavour lending its own unique touch. Legend has it that this powerful drink was invented during the cold winters of 1940s in Ireland on an American boat. To fight the freezing night, the boat’s chef served hot coffee with a shot of Irish Whisky to the passengers. Since then, this dark brown, cream-topped drink has become the favourite among cocktail lovers to fight the chills.

Espresso Martini

Flavoured martinis are now becoming popular among people as bartenders find many new spirits and ingredients to make delicious cocktails. One such outcome of clever spirit chemistry is the Espresso Martini blending Kahlua (coffee liqueur) with Smirnoff vodka and crème de cacao. It is a bittersweet, creamy cocktail which gives you that caffeinated kick as well as soothe your mind.

Italian Coffee

Popular as a close cousin of Irish Coffee, this drink blends spicy, herbal flavo liquuer with the strong, nutty notes of coffee. Dark coffee beans are used to make the drink strikingly strong and immensely aromatic. The blend is a subtle combination of strong coffee flavours adulated with hints of juniper, saffron and mint. Top it up with whipped cream and you have for yourself an exciting coffee concoction.

French Connection

This smooth, creamy coffee mix is warm and utterly delicious. Revel in this beguiling drink and tantalize your taste buds with sharp coffee notes, which will be followed by sombre almond-like, nutty flavours of Cognac. The French Connection is simply made by blending freshly brewed black coffee with Cognac and Amaretto. A dash of whipped cream makes this cocktail scrumptious and enjoyable.

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