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published time By Liveinstyle published time 22 Aug, 2014 Share image 0 Shares

An anniversary is a special day which many wish to celebrate in a special and memorable way. A romantic candle light dinner in a classy restaurant is one of the many ideal ways to celebrate such an occasion - maybe by making arrangements for a Cabernet or Champagne and a memorable gift.

To take these sensuous moments of passion and joy to a higher level of delight and ecstasy, start by unwinding to some delectable anniversary-themed cocktails. Start the special evening with some of the below concoctions that come packed with Cupid’s magic to spice up the romance between you and your better half. 

Agave Kiss

Apart from being served in shots, tequila is also used to make some lip-smacking cocktails that will beguile your taste buds. Agave Kiss is prepared by blending tequila with crème de cacao, chocolate liqueurs, and double cream. A drink that will surely leave you mesmerized, this creamy cocktail gets its fruity aftertaste from the generous raspberry garnish.

Amarula and Eve

This tempting cocktail is a delectable blend of Amarula cream, White Mischief vodka, lychee juice, and grapefruit juice. Often served as a dessert to compliment fine cuisines and delicacies, Amarula and Eve gets its sweet and sour aftertaste from the added Lychee juice or lychee liqueur. To add to that, the cocktail’s varied flavours make it the perfect concoction that will leave your better half spellbound.

Blushing Lady

This aptly named sweet and citrusy mix is sure to make your lady blush with joy and delight. White Mischief vodka, pomegranate liqueur, and pink grapefruit juice are blended together for a sweet, fruity blend. This tropical cocktail is ideal for special occasions. For that added special zing, make sure you serve it in a sugar-rimmed glass.


Axis Kiss

This creamy cocktail is famous for its bittersweet aftertaste, which first-timers can take a while to get acquired to. The sweetness of crème de cassis is smoothly blended with the sumptuous bitterness of blackcurrant berries and masqueraded with the nutty flavours of amaretto. Axis Kiss is sweet, creamy, and the tangy bitter aftertaste that it leaves you with is a perfect talking point for a memorable evening.


Clementine Crush

This vodka-infused drink combines the ardour of passion fruit with the fervour of pineapple juice and orange liqueur. It is the perfect cocktail to satisfy your loved one’s fruit cravings in a more fun and passionate way. A dash of simple syrup and a few drops of ginger juice make this cocktail a perfect digestif after a hearty meal.


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