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Pomegranate is a relatively under-utilised fruit in the world of cocktails; the dark red of this fruit, in a way, announces its sweetness and characteristic flavours. Since ages, bartenders and spirit blenders have been using this exclusive fruit and its seeds in cocktails and fruit dishes.

Nowadays, you will come across various sweet, elating pomegranate liqueurs, vodkas, etc.,whichsavour the unique flavours of this magical fruit. Moreover, to impart its unique taste into any concoction, bartenders also useGrenadine or pomegranate puree. Not to forget, its seeds are some of the finest garnishes used to decorate some lip-smacking cocktails.

Sweet, pink, and crunchy, pomegranate will convert every spirit into a passionate libationfor romantic dinners. So the next time you plan to spend some quality time wining and dining with your loved one, make sure you order one of these delicious pomegranate cocktails.

Pomegranate Bourbon Cocktail

This simple drink is made by mixing pomegranate juice and some tangy pomegranate molasses together. The mixture minglesquite well with the bourbon and spice of Angostura bitters that are added to it. One can use any other preferable bourbon-based alcohol for finer taste. This cocktail can be made even better by adding a dash of fresh orange juice.

Pom Pomme

Here's a way to spruce up any hard cider you have been saving for months thinking of the perfect occasion. Add a little rosy pomegranate juice and a smidge of ginger-based liqueur for a better tingly taste spice and sweetness together. On top of this mixture, adding a little of apple brandy will certainlyjolt you a bit. Pour your final mixture in cocktail glass or a Champagne flute, in case you want to keep the cocktail a little extra fizzy.

Tangerine Ginger Margarita

As coldweather approaches, weget eager for a little escapeand scour forways to keep the body warm; this tequila drink is a winter antidote. Prepared with a mixture of spicy fresh ginger and sweet tangerines along with some tart pomegranate, this cocktail will not warm not just your body but also your heart.

Jefferson’s Crimson

This makes for a nice autumn cocktail. This was created by a mixologist named Todd Thrasher as an ode to Thomas Jefferson’s love for pomegranates. Soon as bourbon is paired with pomegranate juice and topped with some pomegranate molasses, it turns into a surreal drink, something that just cannot be explained by words. The perfect way to have this surreal cocktail is to squeeze a slice of lemon in it and hadin a tall glass.

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