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published time By Liveinstyle published time 21 Aug, 2014 Share image 0 Shares

Palpable chills in the wind, fading sunlight, shorter days and foggy surroundings - these signs are enough to assure you that winter has arrived. Winter in India is chilling cold and can stifle your spirits with its icy presence. Sipping a cup of coffee to fight cold is a conventional way of enjoying this season. However, coffee is rarely served at parties, and it will never get a winter party started. To attend to this shortcoming, bartenders from Old Waldorf Astoria’s era invented a warm and toasty drink for the frigid winters. This delicious invention is none other than the Hot Toddy.

A hot toddy is a classic cocktail made by blending liquor, sugar, water, and spices. Its sweet and spicy flavours will transport you from the biting winters and help your mind relax and unwind. This amazing concoction will entice your taste buds with its bittersweet, sour, and tea-like flavours.

Ideally, a Hot Toddy is directly made in the glass. Bartenders take a Highball Glass, coat it with honey or sugar syrup, add lime juice and whisky to it, and top it with steaming tea. With a single sip, you will feel a strong whiff of tea on your taste buds. Only after a few sips will you get the bittersweet flavours of honey and whisky along with the tangy aftertaste of lime juice.

With every sip, the drink grows on you, creating an explosion of different flavours, electrifying your taste buds. Only after a few sips will you will experience the slow kick of the exclusive Signature Whisky stepping in to produce a savouring effect on your mind.

Hot Toddy never gets you utterly inebriated, it simply makes you feel relaxed. Once you get a taste of this magical concoction, you will keep asking for more.

Some bartenders make this drink spicy by adding cinnamon stick or powdered spices as well. In addition, different kinds of liquors can be used to make this impressive cocktail. You can also use green tea bags or flavoured tea bags instead of ordinary ones. Change the type of ingredients as you like, this warm and soothing cocktail will surely help you fight your winter woes with its warm feel and delectable flavours.

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