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published time By Liveinstyle published time 22 Aug, 2014 Share image 0 Shares

Hosting a party at home is a relatively convenient and inexpensive affair as you already have most of your things in place. Dim, ambient lights, bespoke playlists, fully hall room, and some delicious fingers food set the party atmosphere all right. But the party spirit is never really consummated without some sprightly beverages.

An idea of party without drinks may seem unfathomable to many. Cocktails and beverages are the essential party starters. However, the stock alcohol choices can get a little boring. So why not inject some life into the party and try something new such as blending these beverages over a particular theme?

Endorsing the new technology age, bartenders have invented a few lip-smacking blue cocktails that blend perfectly with the glamour and festivity of urban setting. Here are a few strong, subtle cocktails that ignite the party spirit with majestic blue ambience.

Electric Cool Aid

This is a simple yet powerful potion blended with coloured liqueurs to give a layered look. Electric Cool Aid is sweet and slightly tangy, and the first few sips electrify your taste buds. The electrifying tart flavours are well masqueraded with bittersweet flavours of blue Curacao and Limoncello making this drink utterly delicious to sip in action.

Blue Dragon

There is nothing more exclusive than serving this blissful drink at a home party. Prepared by blending White Mischief Vodka and Blue Curacao, this azure concoction will definitely elevate you after a few rounds. Blue Dragon is akin to Vodka Martini, save for the sweetness of vermouth. Easy to make and serve, this cocktail will surely bring you compliments and make your party fabulous.

The Blue Lagoon

This built-up concoction requires no expert hands and skills to blend and serve. Simply take a Collins glass filled with ice, pour equal measures of vodka and Blue Curacao, and top it up with lemonade. This popular summer mix has many variants blended with fruit juices and sweeteners. Its mellowed flavours and fruity taste will surely impress the taste buds of your party guests.

Patriot Shooter

Strong, subtle, and elating—three words perfectly describe this layered shooter. This straight-up cocktail is prepared by layering Grenadine, blue Curacao, and vodka. You can use flavoured vodka to enhance the composure and taste of the drink. Patriot is an appealing drink to serve at party, and its alluring flavours will surely leave the guests asking for more.

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