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published time By Liveinstyle published time 20 Aug, 2014 Share image 0 Shares

Many people celebrate success by opening a bottle of champagne. Whether it’s a business party or a special occasion, this effervescent liquor will surely make it memorable with its bubbly charm. Rejuvenating and delectable, champagne holds the potential to add an exclusive touch to every celebration.

This bubbly spirit is slightly acidic and sweet as compared to any other sparkling wine, and teases the taste buds with its luscious flavours.It complements every type of food and helps in savouring its flavours to the best. That’s why people are known to reserve this effervescent spirit for special celebrations like a wedding anniversary.

Sparkling wine is equally bubbly and effervescent in comparison to Champagne, and many couples prefer it for their wedding anniversaries. But champagne holds the potential to make your anniversary dinner special. Now, if some of you are thinking of making the experience unforgettable, then raise the bar with ‘the Champagne cocktail’.

There are many champagne cocktails featuring on the menus of several restaurants and lounges around the world, but there is only one ‘Champagne Cocktail’. This cocktail holds the true potential to add pizazz and zest to the glass of champagneand turn it into something ritzy.

This classic drink is a fine blend of Champagne, Brandy and Angostura bitters. When you take the first sip, you will definitely feel the warmth of brandy spreading all over your tastebuds slowly. If the Bitters are blended well, then you will experience a slight piquancy before the honeyed flavours of sugar and champagne start working their magic.These varieties of flavours leave you tasting something totally unique.This is what makes the ‘Champagne Cocktail’ totally exclusive.

This cocktail will surely leave your taste buds spellbound, if paired with gourmet or Asian food. So, if you are planning to treat your better half with something refined and savouring, then drop the idea of ordering just champagneand delicious food. Instead, make a difference at your anniversary dinner byasking for the Champagne Cocktail and spicy Asian delicacies.This magical concoction paired with fine food will surely make the anniversary dinner special and unforgettable.

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