Get High on Mint with Four Refreshing Mint Juleps

For centuries, Mint Juleps have been the popular sippers at Derby events. This minty mix was first introduced in the Southern United States and rose to popularity with the Kentucky Derby. Many Derby fans are known to sip this chilled mint delight while having their eyes fixed on the racing horses.

Bourbon, mint syrup and simple syrup; just three ingredients are required to make this refreshing summer sipper. The mix is poured on crushed ice and you can take light sips of it while watching the race.

Of late, juleps have also gained popularity as tropical cocktails. It is their refreshing minty nature that lures many cocktail lovers to sip them. There are several variants of this uplifting drink, which are made using several herbal and floral liqueurs. If you haven’t tasted any of them, then go ahead and try one of these four popular Juleps.

Grapefruit Julep

This sweet and tart variant of mint julep is a popular Collins sipper. It is made by blending two measures of White Mischief Vodka and equal measures of Grapefruit juice, Lime Juice and Grenadine. Serve it with lots of crushed ice and sip it slowly to indulge in its fruity flavours.

Southern Mint Julep

Bourbon, mint sprigs and powdered sugar are used to make this delectable Southern mix. This drink will impress your taste buds with its sweet and minty flavours. It is served with cracked ice and consumed chilled.

Champagne Julep

This is the best way to turn a bubbly into a minty delight. This built-up concoction is made with champagne, instead of Bourbon. A lump of sugar is used to sweeten the mix. If you haven’t found a drink to order at dinner, then go ahead and order a Champagne Julep.

Antebellum Julep

This cocktail is somewhat similar to the Southern Julep, except for the rum and Cognac used in it. The minty flavour is preserved by muddling mint leaves while sorghum syrup is used to give a signature sweet taste to the mix.If you haven’t tried something sweet, strong and savouring before, then you should really try this delectable mix.

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