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In this day and age, you can walk into a bar and order a glass of your favourite drink or cocktail. You can even ask for a bottle or two of your favourite spirit from the wine shop. That’s because consumption of most beverages has been legalized.

Back in the 1920’s, spirits and liqueurs were completely banned on the US soil. This prohibition lasted for almost a decade and a half, during which several distilleries, wine vendors, and bars had to shut doors.

Still, it was hard to entirely abstain the hoi polloi from their chasing after favourite drinks. During this period, cocktail science underwent a revolutionary phase asbartenders invented several concoctions that masked the much-loved spirits with fruit juices, sweeteners, and other savouring items.

A few cocktails that survived back then are wonderfully restored and served at several bar joints around the world. Here are these few legendary libations that survived and still continue to tempt the masses even today.

Gin Rickey

In the early 1890’s, a bartender at Shoemaker’s Avenue in Washington DC served a tangy drink to the then famous lobbyist, Colonel Joe. From that time, Gin Rickey, a simple, well-shaken gin, lime, and club soda cocktail, became the American favourite. It was also the regular choice of F. Scott Fitzgerald, the famous novelist who wrote “The Great Gatsby”.

Mint Juleps

This century-old libation was enjoyed before the Prohibition era, and is as popular as any other summertime cooler. This simple and refreshing drink is made by blending the good ol’ Black Dog Scotch, fresh spearmint, and fine sugar. It gained popularity during the ban on account of its innate ability to mask the elements of the illegal spirits that were served then. After the Prohibition Era, Mint Julep rose to glory with Kentucky Derby and became the favourite of horse-racing fans.

French 75

This tantalizing drink was invented in 1915 at the Harry’s New York Bar in Paris. The cocktail blended the very powerful Jigger’s gin with champagne and lime juice. The resulting mix was so impressive that people likened it to the likes of 75mm French Artillery gun. Alleged to be the World War I classic, this cocktail is still popular among cocktail lovers everywhere in the world.

Bee’s Knees

The phrase ‘bee’s knees’ stands for the best. This was the best cocktail that was cherished by hundreds of Americans during the Prohibition. The origins of this enchanting drink are lost in the pages of history;however, the recipe has been preserved and furbished at several bar joints around the world. This delicious mix blends together simple syrup and honey with gin and lime juice.


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