Four Melon Cocktails to Bid Farewell to Summer

This year’s summer has been extravagantly warm and energy draining. The mercury rose steadily and even crossed the forty-mark every now and then.But thanks to the air conditioners, seasonal fruits and frosty beverages, we have managed to keep cool through it all.

One of the most cooling fruits to bite into when the sun is burning down upon you is the Watermelon. This pink ice will cool you down instantly and leave you feeling fresh. The fruit also has a strong affinity to light spirits and blends well with citrusy liqueurs.So, why not turn this pink fruit into a ready-to-siptreat and say goodbye to summer. While searching for the best melon cocktails, we came across these fourdrinks, which are completely delicious and refreshing.

Merry Melon Tini

The Martini seems to be the rock star of the cocktail world. Merry Melon Tini is a delightful summer concoction made by blending Watermelon Schnapps, White Mischief Vodka and sour mix. Unlike the other straight-up Martinis, this concoction is served in a lowball glass and sipped slowly.

Fresh Watermelon Margarita

Margaritas have been popular as ready-to-make cocktails. Nowadays, they are even available in pre-packed containers. But this drink is to be made by hand, blending seedless watermelon pieces with sour lime, tequila and salt. This magnificent drink has a touch of sweet and sour flavours that are easily noticed while sipping.

Watermelon Sangria

Sangrias and wine go hand in hand. They can be made during anytime of the year, with fresh fruits and some delightful wines. However, if you are looking for a little variation try a Watermelon Sangria, made by blending Watermelon Schnapps, light rum and Cointreau.This unusual blend of Sangria is perfect to sip on a bright sunny day.

Watermelon and Mint Cooler

Mint and Melon alone are known to be refreshing, but when they come together; they take the refreshing effect to the next level. This pitcher drink is ideal to serve at cocktail parties and will quench your thirst like no other beverage on the list. Sip it with a few fresh melon pieces and get transported to a completely different world.

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