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Whisky is one of the oldest spirits known to us. Millions savour the romance of this dark brown spirit. This distilled liquor has a distinct identity of its own in the world of spirits.

The colour and flavour of the Whisky varies with types of grains used in the making, aging process, and even thecontainers.The rich variations offered by different types of whiskies make it an important ingredient in the popular cocktails.

If you haven’t plunged into the world of this delectable spirit and its concoctions yet, then do make a toast at a bar with these four lip-smacking whisky cocktails.


The Sazerac cocktail has delighted us since the early 1800’s. In 1859, Sazerac became the signature drink of the Sazerac Coffee House, where it received its name. It is not entirely clear as to why whisky was substituted with Cognac, however, the usage of whiskey base is stillpopular. The classy blend of whisky with Peychaud bitters along with a dash of lemon will take you back to the feel of the 1800’s.

Cocoa Old Fashioned

The great thing about a drink such as the classic Cocoa Old Fashioned is that the base can be experimented with. In her Cocoa Old Fashioned, chocolate becomes the feature flavour. Unlike others whisky cocktails, this is not sweet and yet easy to prepare,dash ofsome whisky along with chocolates and Demerara syrup.Awell-balanced andheady preparation will change the way you perceive chocolates cocktails.

Yamazaki Autumn Delight Recipe

If you wish to explore new cocktails, a simple recipe is good to begin with. With a peculiar name, this cocktail includes addition of Suntory Yamazaki, a quintessential Japanese whisky, with a hint of Scotch flavour. It is preparedby mixing whisky, apple cider, and a dash of cinnamon.


Adapted from the 1956 edition of the Esquire Drink Book, this sweet-smelling cocktail is a nice blend ofrye whisky, along with some sweetand dry vermouth, lending ita sweetish taste. Stir the ingredients together in an ice-filled mixing glass and garnish it with a cherry;it would turn out to bea perfect midnight drink.

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