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published time By Liveinstyle published time 21 Aug, 2014 Share image 0 Shares

Whether it is enjoying your whisky neat or a guzzling a glass of draught beer, most aficionados cannot do without some kind tid bits or munchies by the side. Peanuts, almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, seasonal nuts are mostly favoured by most to mollify the sharp, acrid notes of the drink.

Besides alleviating the astute bitterness, nuts and drinks also make for a great conversation starter. So why not try and mix the nuts with spirits to make some delectable cocktails?

Following this belief, we have scoured the menus of several bars and restaurants and have come up with some lip-smacking, nut-based cocktails. Their flavour, composure, and unique appeal will surely compel you to ask for more.

The Maple Walnut

Standing as one of the crunchiest of all nut-based cocktails “The Maple Walnut” is a great cocktail. Especially for the nut lovers. This drink is a martini-style drink containing vodka, black walnut bitters, which is also garnished with maple syrup. If you are a walnut lover, berest assured that this is the best nut-based cocktail to cherish.

White Monkey

The White Monkey cocktail is sure to leap and prance around your taste buds as a monkey hopping from one tree to another. This clever blend of Pisco, dry vermouth, along with some orgeat (almond syrup), tastes just perfect once some fresh lemon juice, milk and bitters are added to it. This drink becomes creamy and tart all at the very same time, making it an exquisite cocktail. Make sure to add some ice bitters to make it crunchier and enjoyable.


This Nutty Irishwoman is not exactly as it sounds. Though this moniker might impel you to form your reservations about an Irishwoman, rest assured that a single sip of this brilliant concoction will blow you away. The amazing mixture of 1 part Frangelico and 1 part Irish Cream along with 1 vanilla berry is sure to enhance the delicious essence of all the ingredients, though they are blended.

The Nutty Secret

It seems like we have at last found the secret to this nutty drink. The knowledge of thecontents and ingredients of this drink has been quite shadowy, but true cocktail lovers are, of course, adequately desperate to disinter these secrets. This cocktail is made by placing nuts and water in a large bowl. After about 30 minutes, it is strained and whole nuts are added into this it. Once again, strain this mixture, discarding any solids, and pour into a medium saucepan over low heat. Once cooled, pour the drink in a cocktail glass and garnish it with some nuts. Your secretive drink is ready. Sip and enjoy. Cheers!

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