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published time By Liveinstyle published time 21 Aug, 2014 Share image 0 Shares

Have you ever been to a glow-in-the-dark party? These parties have a strong psychedelic feel to them, wherein you will feel lost in the hue and vibrancies of garish, bright colours.

To make such parties magical and fun, spirit blenders and bar tenders decided to go through some kitchen chemistry lessons and created a few glowing cocktails.

These unique cocktails resemble the bright shine of neon lights and make every spirit look like a mystic elixir. Once you take a sip of one of these charming drinks, you will surely loosen your collar button and surrender yourself to the enchanting tunes. So why not give it a try by sipping one of these marvellous neon drinks:


To make this breezy cocktail, you need to begin with making some simple syrup. After this,youmix equal parts of hot water and sugar. Once that is done,add a dash of watermelon to the syrup in the bottom of a mixing glass, and keep stirring until the fruit has turned into a juice. Add some rum and top it up with ice. Your drink is now ready;relax on a lay chair, kick back, and enjoy.


This berry fizz is the combination of all the lovely tasting berries out there. You begin with adding about one cup of blackberry syrup alongwith a cup of lemon juice, following which youadd a dash of Crème De Peche. Once this is done, pour all ingredients into a shaker filled with ice and stir well. Following which,strain the mixture into a flute. Top it up with some gin and enjoy.


After a hard day at work,we understand the need to kick off and unwind; you can makeyour evenings delightful with this sophisticated cocktail. This pensionable drink is a modern and attractive concoction that combinessome delicious ingredients which give tons of berry-type flavours. Stir together some juice (of any choice) and vodka in a two-cup measure, pour the mixture into cocktail shaker filled with ice. Shake well and strain into a champagne flute. Top it up by adding just asingleteaspoon grenadine to the cocktail and enjoy your evening. 


No matter who throws the party, if you desire to be the star of the party, you can delight people with the Golden Glow cocktail. This cocktail is a rich and full-bodied cocktail that includesa mixture of some bourbon, dark rum, orange juice, lemon juice and grenadine, served in a chilled cocktail glass. To make thisgolden delight, combine all ingredients in a shaker, shake well, and pour into anice-filled glass. Garnish with a mint sprig and sip leisurely.

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