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There is something mystical as well as soothing about the colour blue. From the hue of clear blue skies to the shades of the rough seas, the colour blue overwhelms us everywhere. There are hundreds of shades of this cool colour loudly exhibiting harmony, faith, and peace. Thus, why not extract the placating blue from this serene shade and add it to some relaxing concoctions?

Majority of the blue cocktails derive their hue from Blue Curacao, which is slightly tart and bitter. It imparts a signature bitter-sour taste to this mix along with a bright blue colour. A blend of several colourless spirits and garnishes is used to lend these blue libations smooth, relaxing and indulging feel. Indulge your senses in the electrifying charm of blue colour with these cocktails:

Deep Blue Sea Martini

Synonymous to the splendid deep blue sea, this cocktail is considered to be an excellent addition to any party that revolves around tropical flavours or modern themes. The Deep Blue Sea Martini, unlike the regular martini, is prepared by blending White Mischief Vodka, Blue Curacao, Sour Mix, and Pineapple juice. The sweet and tangy flavours in it will surely call for a compliment.

Blue Margarita

One of the mystic drinks that draws attention of every cocktail lover is the Blue Margarita. This margarita is prepared with a sparkling twist of lemonade or 7 UP which perfectly blend with tequila and curacao. Pineapple juice is added to impart a tropical fruity flavour that refreshes your mind and body.


Blue is the new hue for envy as is best described by the modern Envy cocktail.  This stunning azure drink is prepared by silver tequila and blue curacao. A splash of pineapple juice is added to impart sweetness. This absolutely eye-appealing concoction will lure your taste buds into wanting more.

Blue Hawaiian

Lovely are the blue waters of the tropics, and equally exotic are the blue cocktails served there. The Blue Hawaiian is an ultimate concoction created by the bartenders of Hawaii who wanted to add the magic of the tropical blue waters to these lip-smacking libations. This close cousin of Pina Colada is prepared by using Blue Curacao, rum, pineapple juice and crème de coconut.

Electric Iced Tea

What else could best complement the calm blue waters of the pool than an Electric Iced Tea. This electrifying long mix is prepared by blending five colourless spirits and orange liqueur. It has a nice twist of sweet and sour flavours to tease your taste buds. It is best served at pool parties where a blue coloured drink becomes a calm repose while you bask and unwind in the sun.

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