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published time By Liveinstyle published time 21 Aug, 2014 Share image 0 Shares

Our childhood has been heavily influenced by pop culture in the form of TV shows, movies, cartoons, and comic books. In all these mediums, there have been a number of genres that have prevailed in popularity across multiple generations from superheroes and talking anthropomorphic creatures to supernatural mysteries and adventurous detective stories. In fact, which child has not fantasized about being their very own unique superhero, talking to an imaginary friend and solving a major mystery? As an adult, unfortunately, one realizes that all thesestoriesweresimply fiction.

There maybe time you feel like reliving some of these childhood memories.  For special moments like these, a few special bartenders have brought forth some interesting cocktail recipes to rekindle love for a few of our favourite fictional characters.

Mary Poppins

Novela, a cocktail bar in the San Francisco region, founded the concept of “Cocktails with Character” by naming all the cocktails on their menu after famouscharacters. The most popular of these cocktailswould have to be the Mary Poppins. Novela have managed to brilliantly embody the character’s cheerful personality with vibrant yet subtle fruit flavours. The muddling of Apple Brandy, maple syrup fresh-squeezed lemon juice, and 3 dashes of clove bitters, which aremixed and strained into a highball glass is reason enough to visit this famous San Francisco bar. Mix up this iconic cocktail from the comfort of your couch by following the steps above.


If there was a list containing the most stylish superheroes of all time,Gambit would definitely be somewhere at the top. Young guys wanted to be like him andyoung girls wanted to be with him,many of whomwould swoon at the thought of being called“Ma chère” in his soft yet deep voice. Just as Gambit was known for his literally explosive touch, thisdrink can make your head explode with its mixture of rye whiskey,Cognac, and sweet vermouth,mixed together in a large glass over ice.Mix one upand decide for yourself whether the drink lives up to Gambit’s expectations.

Follow that black rabbit

Follow that Black Rabbit is a gin-based drink created by Kristian Kramp, a bartender from Denmark. Kramp claims that the name of the drink was influenced by Donnie Darko and Alice in Wonderland. Made using orange and lemon juices mixedwith maple syrup, Kristian opted for some FernetBranca lightened by gininstead of apple brandy. The sweet taste of the maple syrup blends well with the tangy infusion of the citric juices, making for a sweet and sour taste that perfectly complements the gin.

Sherlock & Watson

From cocktails that spring into mind when we think of famous names, Sherlock & Watson could a top contender.Devised by an English bartender named Niah, the drink is made using a special blend of Seattle Single malt whisky with a flavour that is almost a cross of bourbon and scotch. Some earl grey syrup is added to the whisky along with some dashes of cardamom bitters and lemon zest. If you’re wondering why the cocktail is named so, Niah was binge watching some Sherlock and thought, ‘well, I’m at a loss for name, so I guess this will do’. We don’t mind what she names her drinks as long as they are as delicious as this. Definitely a new and improved way to drink your morning tea.

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