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Every fiery soul yearns to travel. Everyone relishes a cocktail or two on sunny vacation, basking in the sun. Listed below are some cocktails named after several world destinations. Read on and figure out whichcity beverage suits you the best. The lovely concoction of the exotic sight andaroma is the best way to set yourself in the right mood.

The Manhattan

An unquestionable classic, The Manhattan carries all the sophistication of its namesake. There is no better way to summarize the romance of New York than this blend of bitter-sweet vermouth, along with whiskey and 2 to 3 dashes of Angostura Bitters topped up with some Maraschino cherry for garnish.

London Buck

The term “buck” is popularly referred to a drink that is made with spirits, Lemon, and ginger ale. However, the London buck is made by using a long tumbler, adding a lump of ice some gin, and a dash of ginger ale to it. The London Buck is a mind-blowing beverage, as well as a tasty and refreshing cocktail.

Long Island Iced Tea

This is a popular drink that becomes a necessaryaddition in everyone’s drinkinglist. An easy way to remember how to make a Long Island Iced Tea is to think of a small shot of 5 white spirits, namely gin, tequila, light rum, vodka, and triple sec, along with a shot of sour mix, and fill with cola. Come to think of it, it isquite easy as a concoction.

Florida Tracksuit

This lovely concoction was invented by the bartenders of the famous club OnTap, located in the brilliance of Ontario, Canada. The Florida Tracksuit is an amazing and refreshing combination made by mixing orange vodka and sourpuss in a shot glass.Following which,you pour 1/4th can of red bull into a regular glass; pour the previous mixtureof the shot glass into thisregular glass, and gulpit as a shot.

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