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published time By Liveinstyle published time 21 Aug, 2014 Share image 0 Shares

It’s been over a month since the FIFA World Cup ended, but the spirit and exuberance are still lingering in our consciousness.The football fever gripped millions this monsoon, and you can still feel the ripples of theGerman victory everywhere. Thisis a tribute to the World Cup euphoria, reminiscingthe moments with different colours.We sample different drinks to give you a taste of post-World Cup celebrations.

Caipirinha De La Brazil

Caiprinha is the national cocktail of Brazil. This sweet and light concoction has captivated the senses of thousands of football fans in Brazil as well as the world. It is originally made with signature Brazilian liqueuer, Cachaca. Cachaca adds a subtle bittersweet flavour to the drink, while fresh pieces of lime make it slurpingand refreshing. This is one of those perfect recipes to sip while you watch highlights of your most-liked FIFA game.

Football Frenzy

This sweet and gingery concoction is the ultimate combination of the smooth White Mischief Vodka and the piquant Ginger lime Cordial. The Cordial gives a tangy, gingery flavour to the mix, while Vodka works the magic of making thiscocktail elixir elating and delightful. Football frenzy is best served in a Hurricane glass packed with crushed ice. A few mint leaves and cherries make this drink light and indulging andwillkeep you asking for more.

Leblon & Ginger Ale

This cocktail is an exotic variant made with the exclusive Brazillian Cachace, and Leblon. It is sweet and limy and favoured by many for its tantalizing flavours and subtle fruity notes. It is prepared by blending Leblon with Ginger Ale. The drink is a wonderful appetizer to sip after a hearty meal. Delicious and elating, this cocktail will surely leave its magical presence on your tastebuds and mind.

El Matador

Popular as a flashy version of the famous beer delight, the Michelada, El Matador seems to have ruled the hearts of thousands of FIFA fans around the world. This savoury beer concoction combines the sharp-tasting flavours of hot sauce with mellowed fruity undernotes of fresh sliced strawberries. The drink boasts subtle herbal flavours of basil and lime that refresh your mind in a few sips.

Black and Tan

This simple and delightful beer mix is prepared by blending equals parts of Stout and Lager.  The drink is named after British Police Force, Black and Tans, who were renowned for their aggression and sovereignty. That’s why many football fans consider it to be the best sipper to celebrate their favourite football player in the FIFA Cup.

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