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Cocktails are celebrated in bars, restaurants, and hotels all around the globe.Bartenders come up with their own unique libations. Everyone wants to leave a legacy behind them, even sometimes hotels, and what better way than to name a drink after your hotel. Here are some cocktails named after the very places who created them.

Fouquet’s Barriere

The only thing that surpasses the excellent reputation of the famous Fouquet’s Barriere Hotel is its well-known Bombay Fouquet’s cocktail. It is well said that you have not experienced summer in Paris unless you have had this luminous mishmash of  Gin, raspberry puree lemon juice along with a ting of Martini Bianco and for that French “je ne sais quoi” kick: fresh basil, is all that Bombay Fouquet’s is about.

Seelbach Cocktail

Named after the Louisville, Kentucky hotel where it was first created in 1917, the Seelbach cocktail is a classic mix of bourbon, Cointreau and both Angostura and Peychaud’s bitters. Making it is just as easy as its name is to remember, Mixing Bourbon, Cointreau, Angostura, Peychaud’s and Champagne adding some ice to it and strain into a chilled flute, top with Champagne and garnish, is the secret of making a perfect Seelbach Cocktail.

Monte Carlo Bay

Named after the famous Monte Carlo Bay hotel in Monaco, this drink of sparkling wine and aperol will make you feel you are sitting in Monaco no matter where you are. Having this drink will make you feel relaxed yet sophisticated, just like the ambiance that of Hotel Monte Carlo Bay.

Dorchester of London Ingredients

The Dorchester, one of the most exquisite drinks named after the hotel located in central London, just overlooking the Hyde Park. The drink flavours a mixture of Dry Gin, along with Rum and the Forbidden Fruit. Just as the aristocratic fell of the Dorchester the drink too gives you the feel of pure aristocracy.

The Librarian

Just like the quiet surroundings in a library this drink too slides through the throat without making a single sound. The librarian is named after the librarian hotel in New York City, just like the hotel the drink too is in itself a class apart, the amazing mixture of Cognac, Vermouth and Cherry Liquor will make you feel in a different world altogether.

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