A Toast To F.R.I.E.N.D.S

Life would never be the same without friends. Well, I’m not talking about the sitcom here (though I have to admit there was inspiration while penning this down), but the people we turn to for support, understanding and advice, share highs and lows with, make those mad Saturday night memories together, tag on every second picture on Facebook, whatsapp at 3 am, and click a dozen selfies in bars and ball games! In our motley crew of pals, each buddy has different traits that distinctly define them. We pay homage to our buddies, the bold and the beautiful, by dedicating the most delectable cocktails to their awesome personalities.

Godfather Cocktail for The Intense One: Every group has that kingpin or top dog, who has an imposing personality, who takes all the decisions for the gang (where, when and how do we party?), always has the back of everyone (in every ideological debate after midnight and yes those bar fights too), sponsors most of the fun (is often the loaded one) and basically plays big daddy over the group.

This solid drink comprising of Scotch and Amaretto is strong, powerful and intense, just like your bud.

Coconut Breeze Cocktail for The Cool Dude: The friend who is always calm and collected, maintaining his chill factor under any and every circumstance. He is unfazed by things and is always cool as a cucumber. This level-headed buddy is the one to turn to for rational advice when you suffer from a heart break or things go amiss at work. He is fun and laid back that makes everyone feel at ease.

We pay homage to this dear pal with a light scotch and coconut milk concoction.

Cowboy Cocktail for The One with Attitude: There’s always one pal, who doesn’t talk much but has an attitude the size of the room he steps into. This guy has style and swagger, and dons those plaid shirts, Americana blue denims and boots too. He is your gang’s version of a young Clint Eastwood (quite the lady killer!), moody but with a heart of gold.

So, obviously we dedicate to him this perfect cocktail, a fine blend of bitter whiskey with some dairy rendering a unique taste.

Absolutely Bananas Cocktail for the Mad Hatter: This is for that quirky, eccentric pal who is always up for a good time and who is the heart of every party with his antics and clowning around. He is the one with those legendary comments and the one who takes you on the craziest of nocturnal adventures painting the taverns of the town the deepest shade of scarlet!

Yes, he’s truly and absolutely bananas and there is no better cocktail for him that this luscious cocktail bursting with flavour. Vodka with banana liquor and pineapple juice is always a winner!

Chocolate Diva for the Hottie: Well, enough said about the men, your group must be having a generous sprinkling of the ladies too. Every group has that hottie with those quintessential diva tantrums, who all the guys secretly crush on. She who forever smells of Chanel No.5, struts about in her Jimmy Choos, with those French manicured nails and Kim Kardashian-esque hair extensions. Don’t you guys end up buying all her cocktails anyway?

So now let’s dedicate one for this special lady – the Chocolate Diva it has to be! Vodka with chocolate, crème de cacao and orange juice is surely a hot combination.

Bloody Mary for the Tom Boy: Well, Mary likes it rough and tough. She is always one with the fellas, can talk football and finance, and beat you at gloriously downing those tequila shots. She plays Betty to the Chocolate Diva’s Veronica, Monica to Chocolate Diva’s Rachel. She is the one you can always count on and help out when things get tough and is the classic definition of a guy’s best friend.

So, there is no better drink than the classic Bloody Mary, with its delicious mix of tomato juice, Worcestershire sauce and vodka.

Sweet Lady for The Delicate Girlfriend: There’s always that demure and mild natured girlfriend in every posse. The soft hearted chick who always has a kind word to say about everyone. She is sensitive and warm, with that sweetheart quality (known to excite red blooded men since high school days!) and is always your best friend’s girl whom you can’t help but admire.

Let’s raise our glasses in honour of this genuinely wonderful person with an aptly named drink, the Sweet Lady. Cranberry, strawberry, red wine…need we say more!

Well, here’s our round up of your gang…so was it a hit or a miss? Either ways, its a heartfelt Toast To Pals! Enjoy yourself with the gang but remember to Live Responsibly

Image Credit: thepainterspub.com, mommyish.com, ivanhoehotel.com

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