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published time By Lorraine Parakel published time 16 Jul, 2015 Share image 0 Shares

You could be throwing a housewarming, having a themed night, firing up a barbecue, or just inviting your friends around just because it is the weekend. Whatever the reason, you will definitely want great drinks at your party. A punch makes the ideal focal point, while leaving you free to unwind with your guests.

Despite what juice box connoisseurs may think, a punch drink was originally a mixture of water, fruit juices, spirits, spices, and sugar. You know, like the punch some people serve at parties in huge bowls? Here’s one for the Did You Know enthusiasts. The drink we know as punch, originated in India! English explorers discovered this drink when they first went to India in the 1600's. It had the aforementioned five ingredients in it and was called pañc, which means five, and is pronounced more like punch, and is the source of our word.

Enough knowledge about punches?

Gear up and get started! Here are a few LIS recommendations:

1) Pride Punch

Your happy hours at home is here. Discover a new favourite with this drink.

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2) Freedom Punch

Your ounces to freedom are here in the form of a punch.

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3) Punch4Everybody

A bright and fruity vodka punch recipe with mixed berries and raspberry vodka. This crowd pleasing drink is a must serve.

4) Apple Pie Punch

Looking to liven up your house gathering? Try whipping up a batch of this Apple Pie Punch and watch it work wonders.

5) Ocean Breeze Punch

The mixture of rum and fruit juices will transport you and your fellow mates to a sandy beach.

So, what are you waiting for? Bottoms up! Quench guests' thirst and please their palates with these delicious punches.

Happy Punching! encourages you to Party Responsibly!