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published time By Liveinstyle published time 21 Aug, 2014 Share image 0 Shares

From the day man realized that mixing spirits can actually make them taste better, he has always been trying something new. His works of creativity can be seen with the numerous cocktails available on the menus of bars.

While some cocktails have made a name as savoury sippers, a few of them live up to the legacy of delivering instant elation. Such instant ecstasy-inducing drinks are strong and best served in small shots. This entire cadre of short, loosen-yourself drinks are called Shooters.

Of late, shooters have been gaining immense popularity in pubs and bars owing to their simple composure and sophisticated flavours. Gulping down a few of them will surely set your feet in action on the dance floor and send your mind into a euphoric state. If you haven’t experienced such state of bliss, then don’t shy away from trying some of the below-mentioned shots.


The origins of this renowned libation can be traced back to 1976, when it first appeared in bars. It is a legendary cocktail of the disco era and is guaranteed to enchant your taste buds with a sweet and sour flavour. Invented by a bunch of crazy teenagers, making the Kamikaze is as simple as whipping-up a quick lemonade. This powerful concoction is prepared by blending equal parts of strong White Mischief Vodka, lime juice and triple sec.

Jell-O Shot

Jell-O shot started as an experiment to concentrate alcohol in the smallest possible serving quantity. Some clever bartenders used gelatine to aggregate the flavour and indulgence of the base spirits. The final product was a sweet, jelly-like, strongly elating drink dubbed the Jell-O Shot. Over the years, these sleek libations are available in various flavours and are cherished by partygoers all around the world.

Jager Bomb

This popular drink has been trending in bars all around the world for its simple taste yet powerful aftereffect. People chugging these shots are always at the centre of attention among groups in bars. This interesting concoction combines the strong taste of Jägermeister liqueur with the powerful offset of the energy drink. Such contrasting ingredients deliver a powerful kick, and at the same time keep you wide awake, after you gulp down the drink.

Nutty Irishman

In case you are in the bar to taste and savour something delicious and happening, then don’t hesitate from trying the Nutty Irishman. This smooth, delicious and creamy cocktail combines the goodness of Irish Cream liqueur and Frangelico (hazelnut liqueur). This classic drink can be found at most of the classic bars. It is perfect for celebrations or special occasions wherein you are looking for a “friendly” shot.

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