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The sixties was a golden era for bartenders and wine makers alike. Many lip-smacking recipes and delightful liqueurs were invented during this period. This golden era stretched for over two decades and gave rise to numerous cocktails that are considered classics today.

Many of these classics remain popular among newer generations of cocktail lovers. From the bold Manhattan to the tempting Martini, they remain ever popular and continue to feature heavily in today’s pop culture. The creators of these classics are legends in the bartending world.To build on their glory, some bartenders around the world attempted to reinvent these original drinks by modifying a few ingredients. Their creativity and zeal has given rise to these delicious variants with an identity of their own.

The Monk’s Dream

This cocktail is a re-imagined, bittersweet version of the original Martini,which grabbed popularity from James Bond novels and movies. Its enchanting beauty has been given a bold Brooklyn touch by Tooker Alley owner Del Pedro. The revamped drink features tangy Blue Riband gin (instead of Vodka), sweet vermouth, bitters, brandy and Benedictine. Unlike the original, it boasts a rich golden hue, sombre herbal notes, and a tangy aftertaste.

Surfer Rosa

Inspired by the highly popular Mint Julep, this drink blends the refreshing herbal flavours of mint with tangysweet notes of Rasperry, Aperol, and Peychaud Bitters. Mint Julep shot to popularity with the Kentucky Derby and was featured in the Hollywood hit, Great Gatsby.The overhauled versionof this classic cocktail hails from St. Charles Exchange Bar in Louisiville and is still considered adequate to beat the summer heat.

Amalfi Coast Rickey

Gin Rickey, the magical elixir that inspired popular novelist Fitzgerald, is the sole motivation for the Amalfi Coast Rickey. The former is a simple concoction blending gin, club soda, and lime juice. The latter, an invention of bartender Greg Buttera, is made by adding sugar cubes to balance out the strong herbal and bitter notes of the drink,giving it a bittersweet, fizzy tasteas well as a signature herbal aftertaste.

Moment in The Sun

Daniel Shoemaker of Portland’s Teardrop Lounge worked his magic on the all-American classic drink The Sidecar and came up with his signature cocktail called “the Moment in the Sun.” The original drink itself is believed to be an adaptation of Daiquiri with brandy, instead of Rum. Daniel seems to have sweetened the Cognac-based original drink with honey and Apple Jack brandy. The refined version sports a stronger and bolder flavour and boasts a mellowed fruity taste.

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