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published time By Liveinstyle published time 21 Aug, 2014 Share image 0 Shares

Despite wine, gin, whisky, or other hard spirits that are crowding most of the city bars, beerstill remains the best go-to option for the hoi polloi. This drink has been an age-old thirst quencher since days of the yore.

Also, a little known fact about beer is that is one of the best drinks that seamlessly blends with any other spirit to make forsome lip-smacking cocktails. These cocktails are bittersweet, light, and amazing for the taste buds. Tantalizing as they are, these concoctions will surely delight you with fruity flavours and the subtle fizz.

Here are a few great Beer cocktails that will make you appreciate the innate effervescence and sombre flavours of this light drink.

El Matador

This sweet and spicy drink is made mainly out of muddled strawberries and bail leaves. Something that gives you the proper fruity flavour. To make this delicious beer cocktail,fill 1/3rd ofyour favourite cocktail glass with ice. In a shaker, add some beer, pineapple juice, and lime juice and blend well. Pour into the glass and garnish with a juicy round slice of pineapple, muddled strawberries, and basil leaves. Add some amount of chili pepper/salt to the rim, pour the mixture in the glass, and serve fresh.

Black and Tan

The Black and Tan,as a beer cocktail, has one of the simplest preparations. This cocktail simply blends two different beers:the “black” part is mainly a stout or porter, and the “tan” is mostly a pale ale. The etymology goes back to the 17th century English culture, wherein “black and tan” was used to describe the coats of dogs.

Hangman’s Blood

This might be the only cocktail with some kind of literary street cred. This cocktail first found its mention in the book “A High Wind in Jamaica.”This particularly potent beer cocktail is a delectableblend of gin, rum, port, brandy, and whisky, along with some addition of stoutfollowed by topping off with some champagne to enhance the effect. The result is a tsunami of different flavours in your mouth.

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