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With fire in your belly and grit in mind, hammer out a deal with your capacity as you'd surely need extra room to maneuver. At the Eros Hotel, that stands towering just at the corner of the bustling Business and commercial district of South Delhi, a lavish treat awaits the ones who like to eat their heart out like glorified Punajbis. The elegantly harmonious ambience of the hotel mesmerizes you at once - I'm more nostalgic than enthralled as I've reported from this ambrosial hotel in many instances during my journalistic days. Walking straight through the glorious lobby, you come out into the serene garden area and, warmly tucked away in the extreme corner, gleaming ostentatiously, is the Indian Pride – Singh Sahib. One of the most popular North Indian Fine Dining restaurants in the city, it enounces the saga of undivided Punjab and its hedonism. Keeping in sync with its métier, Singh Sahib has opened its cultural lanes to the connoisseurs of rich and fine traditional Punjabi food – if you're someone who has traveled extensively through the wondrous highways, relishing the full-flavored food, now’s your chance to have the highway, literally, on your plate!

Dhaba Phir Se - Singh Sahib

What: ‘Dhaba Phir Se’ – the quintessential Punjabi food festival that spreads out a lavish buffet of the most exotic Punjabi Food

When: 27th. Jan – 4th Feb. 2016

Where: Singh Sahib, Eros Hotel, Nehru Place, New Delhi

Time: 07:00 pm – 11:30 pm

Price Point: Brunch@1695 plus taxes


Reasons this Festival becomes the most sought-after

The Dhaba Drinks


The adroit and courteous mixologist at the inaugural night, from United Spirits, stirred up a few magical drinks. In accord with the thematic lineup, he created concoctions infused with traditional spices to add the required punch for the ebullient night. The Ciroc Sweet & Sour was tantalizing. A twist to the French grapes with the undertones of Indian tamarind was beautifully achieved. The sour taste of this drink makes it brilliantly compatible with the Murg Tikka. For Whisky drinkers, there's good news as well – the bartender will spice up your life and taste buds in ways more than one. See Johnnie Walker in a new light – the sweet & spicy drink will titilate you and the spices intertwined will freight you to the self-effacing countryside, bright and early.

The Savoir Faire

The unconstrained and vivacious feel of the restaurant is infectious – being Indian, you'd straightway relate to the opulent vibe. The blistering chandeliers and the underplay of lights will relax you to sit through an evening of indulgence. Everything in the Restaurant is reflective of ‘La Dolce Vita’ Punjab  – from the exuberant décor, deep scarlet curtains, frames of Maharajas, bright glasses, brass artifacts to the wooden furniture and ornate floor tiles.

To buoy up the mood, live singers sing popular Gazals, that inebriates the air. There are dancers stationed at the entry to give you a feel of the folk culture of the lands of the valiants. You could shake a leg or twist and twirl to their Bhangra beats - it's quite an entertainment. What else do you want from an evening, eh?

The Glorious Past

The epithet ‘Singh Sahib’ originally belonged to Maharaja Ranjit Singh who epitomized the  spirit of Undivided Punjab. He was robust yet refined, his nobility tempered with humility. Despite his exalted status, he preferred the epithet ‘Singh Sahib’. Like their King, the people of Punjab had a passion for simple pleasures of feasting and fellowship.

The result was a culinary style that blended subtlety and substance with great panache-the cuisine of Punjab. So, here's your chance to become one with the glorious past and relive its charm. 

The Brilliant Buffet

Executive Chef, Eros Hotel, Suprabhath Roy Chowdhury has created a melange that's traditionally savory and intelligently curated. The best of Punjab, the most time- honoured, finds a place in this curated menu. The starters - Fish Tikka, Murg Tikka, seekh kebab, vegetarian starters like paneer tikka and mushroom tikka are perfectly paired to go with the choice of drinks. Scrumptiously marinated, everything is delicious – try the roasted chicken tikkacharcoaled to immaculateness, it's an amalgam of succulent and spicy.

The main course is elaborate – from stuffed paranthas with white butter and delicious range of achaars to gravies, daal and vegetables – the options are aplenty. A must try – the Chole Chicken and Five Lentils Daal. While you discover the magical flavours of Potohar, Sarghoda, Lahore, Rawalpindi, Peshawar and Amritsar – the cuisine of Undivided Punjab, luxuriate in the warm hospitality that will only enhance your gastronomical experience. 

Bon appétit, as you travel to a time when lions still roamed in Punjab!

This article has been written by Saumya Chandel.