Celebrity party ideas that will leave you amazed

From partying it up at 30,000 feet to rocking the high seas, celebrities certainly know how to celebrate in style. Between the bashes hosted by music icons like Mariah Carey and models like Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell, we can all learn a thing or two about hosting uncommon parties in uncommon places! Kim Kardashian, who rented out the entire Staples Center in Los Angeles for Kanye West’s birthday bash isn’t even on our list, which just goes to show you that the possibilities are endless if you really want to push the envelope in the entertainment department. Cool cruise parties and music-festival-themed merrymaking are just the beginning when celebrating the uncommon excites you…



Cruise Party

If you own one of the world’s largest yachts, having your friends and family join you for a party on board seems obvious. Microsoft co-founder Allen has upped the ante by taking his luxury yacht, Octopus, to Cannes during the film festival annually and hosting a party that has become the most talked about shindig in France at that time. Allen and his band play for guests like Mick Jagger and Mischa Barton, but musicians such as Usher and Dave Stewart have also entertained at this star-studded yacht party in the past. Last year, in fact, Allen opted to host a Bollywood-themed bash aboard the Octopus and even Mallika Sherawat made an appearance. Of course owning a yacht isn’t a prerequisite for hosting a fun-filled party on the high seas. Jessica Simpson and Ashley Tisdale are amongst those who have also hosted similar shindigs to celebrate momentous milestones — for Jessica it was a birthday party, while Ashley hosted a bikini-filled bachelorette party with BFF Vanessa Hudgens and others for company.



When Kate Moss hit the big Four-0, the svelte supermodel welcomed her new decade with a bang. Instead of opting for her ‘usual’ shindig (which, in past years, has even included a birthday bash hosted in her honour by Johnny Depp), Kate decided to have a four-day Glastonbury-themed party at her Cotswold home. From fire breathers and face-painters to tarot readers, Kate had entertainers of all sorts lined up to match her uncommon theme. In addition, four different bands were hired for the celebration — apparently to represent each decade of Kate’s life. Guests included Dame Vivienne Westwood, Noel Gallagher, Stella McCartney and fellow supermodel Naomi Campbell, many of whom partied for hours in rave tents set up on Kate’s property and some of whom even hopped into the sleeping bags provided for some quick shut-eye between shots!



Perhaps supermodels have a secret need to party harder than us mere mortals, but there’s no doubt they know how to host superb soirées. Like BFF Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell is known for her uncommon celebrations too, with her 36th birthday bash topping her list of über party experiences so far. Along with her millionaire boyfriend of the moment, Naomi hosted a three-day birthday extravaganza at the seven-star Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai — with a different theme defining every day’s festivities. With 18 floors exclusively booked for the bash, even guests like David and Victoria Beckham, Linda Evangelista and designers Dolce and Gabbana are sure to have been impressed by this dramatic destination party.




Pop princess Demi Lovato invited a clutch of close buddies to a pyjama party on her private plane back in 2014. She called it a “onesie-funsie” party and it must have been epic, because details from the bash remain amazingly hush-hush to this day. More recently, Taylor Swift decided to treat her bestie Gigi Hadid to a birthday party on a private jet too — with Gigi blowing out her candles at 30,000 feet, while Taylor’s boyfriend Calvin Harris filmed the mini-party. It’s an uncommon experience celebrities love — especially to kick-start a destination celebration of some sort. Case in point: Mariah Carey, who flew her friends to Barbados on a private jet to share in her birthday celebrations. Of course, the party began the moment Mariah’s friends got to the tarmac — Barbados itself was a bonus!

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