One in a 100 reasons why Irrfan Khan should party on his birthday today

Irfan Khan

Apart from featuring in the most amusing party song ever (the AIB version of ‘Party All Night’), Irrfan Khan isn’t someone you associate with parties. Yet, the acclaimed actor has a lot to celebrate as he turns another year older today.

Last year, Irrfan confessed to planning a rare birthday shindig on account of the worldwide success he achieved with ‘The Lunchbox.’ “I was working on my birthday. To me, that’s the best way to celebrate,” Irrfan admitted, adding that being nominated for best actor for ‘The Lunchbox’ at an awards nomination party on his last birthday was “the best birthday gift possible.” This year, Irrfan has another massive gift waiting to be unveiled. It is a few months away, but 2016 will see the curtain go up on Ron Howard’s ‘Inferno’ — in which Irrfan stars opposite Hollywood legend Tom Hanks.

“This birthday I feel very fulfilled,” Irrfan professed in 2015. No doubt, this year will be equally fulfilling. Reason enough to play host and raise a toast we’d say!

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