Why do the girls have it easy with Shah Rukh Khan?

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While Shah Rukh Khan is freezing his posterior off in Budapest, his male fans from around the world are getting hot under the collar. The reason? Well, before being bitterly cold in Budapest, SRK was freezing in Amsterdam, so he sent out a request to all his followers via Twitter: “Cold nite shoot in Amsterdam. Girls send me a hug for warmth. Boys courier me a pure leather jacket.”

It’s not a ‘the-nation-wants-to-know’ matter of course, but SRK’s fans have been asking why hugs from the boys won’t be equally welcome! “Sir it’s not fair. We boys also send you (a) hug,” one zealous male admirer retorted, while SRK’s massive female following responded with hugs, pink lipstick kisses and other comments we couldn’t possibly repeat!

While the entire ‘hug’ subject is all fun, games and fooling around (we’re laughing too), the issue of actual significance appears to have been missed by all. Asking for a “pure leather jacket” is politically incorrect, as the good folks at PeTA will agree. If you stand for the ethical treatment of animals (as we hope SRK does), might we suggest a request for a faux leather jacket instead?

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