Why Aneesha Baig likes her drinks sugary

Popular television anchor Aneesha Baig is well known for travelling both within and outside the country in search of interesting food and nightlife. On Night Out, she partied at the best places, while Will Travel For Food saw Baig visit eateries across a range of prices and cuisines to eat her way through India. Understandably, she’s now less interested in partying and more keen on staying in, and catching up with friends - which she was unable to do when travelling for work.

What is your favourite drink when going out?

As long as it’s sweet, I’m embarrassingly indiscriminate but usually I have the sweet tooth of a six year old when it comes to alcohol, so the more sugary the better. Usually it’s something involving cucumber and mint. Am I supposed to say something sophisticated? What if I toss out, like a, pisco sour? I had it once at a Peruvian restaurant and it was delicious.

Haha, ok. What to you is an ideal night out?

What is an ideal night out? My God, this is terribly embarrassing. They’re usually not. A night in is ideal.

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But if you had to go out…

At a friend’s house - fabulous food, you know, some amount of drinking.

Last question is, which city in India do you think has the best nightlife?

I hate this one. I grew up in Delhi, and that is when I actually partied. But then when I did a show, I did a show that basically revolved around nightlife called Night Out, so I did that in Mumbai. Mumbai is a little easier. 

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