What did Leonardo DiCaprio buy for the most important woman in his life?

Leonardo DiCaprio

We’re always recommending gifts for men, with a fine bottle of scotch often topping our list. This once, however, one of our favourite men has us talking about gifts for women. The gent in question is ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ star Leonardo DiCaprio, who recently splurged on a classy gift for the most important woman in his life. Hold on, it’s not one of his supermodel darlings — we’re talking about his mom! The Oscar-winning actor splashed out over $18,000 on a limited edition Chanel bag for mother dearest and that’s not all he’s winning brownie points for. Leo bought the designer bag at the Heart Fund’s Generous People Dinner Gala in Cannes, France; so proceeds from his purchase go straight to a good cause.

Lothario he may be, but with millions donated towards projects that help preserve the planet’s natural resources, Leo certainly has his heart in the right place.

Image Credits: people.com

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