Simran: 6 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Miss This Kangana Ranaut’s Bold Film

September 16, 2017 Bold Articles

In an industry where people are often known to play safe with their choice of films, Kangana Ranaut has never shied away from stepping out of her comfort zone and doing films that are unconventional, risky and bold. She has always played bold, blatantly refused to work with superstars, chucked norms and has carved an enviable niche for herself in the male dominated world of Bollywood with the films she has done.  

The recently released Simran, which is receiving positive reviews from the critics, further strengthens Kangana’s impressive filmography.

We give you six reasons why you should book your tickets for Simran asap…

1) A Bold Female Character

Rarely does Bollywood churns out films that does complete justice to its female protagonist, however, when it’s a Kangana Ranaut film one can be rest assured that the heroine of the film is unlike other Hindi films’ leading lady.

Simran’s protagonist is ‘Praful Patel’, no don’t let the name fool you, Praful is a 30-year-old Atlanta based divorcee and hotel housekeeper, who leaves with her Gujarati parents and is addicted to gambling. She is carefree, bindaas, mouths cheesy pickup lines like - 'Are you tired? Because you are running in my mind', gulps down multiple shots in seconds, engages in casual sex and rob banks going by the name Simran to fuel her gambling addiction.

This film’s character is nothing like you have ever seen before on the Bollywood screen. Praful aka Simran’s play bold attitude instantly wins your heart. This one is one bold heroine that Bollywood has ever dared to show.

2) Based On A True Story

Often, what make such films all the more interesting is if they are based on a real story. Simran is loosely based on a true story of US-based Sandeep Kaur, who was also known as Bombshell Bandit. Sandeep Kaur was hooked to gambling and had robbed several banks in Arizona, California, and Utah.

3) The Fun Elements

Despite set in US the film wonderfully captures the delightful Gujju elements and keeps the tone of the film light and fun for most part of its runtime. There are several well-scripted scenes that will bring a smile on your face and some will make you laugh out loud.

4) Execution

Hansal Mehta, who has given us some really great films in the past like Shahid, City Lights and Aligarh, paints a fascinating portrait of Parful Patel onscreen. Not only does he skilfully captures the multiple layers of his lead character but even does full justice to the supporting cast, making sure every character in the film stands out in their own way.

5) Screenplay

The key to any good film is of course its screenplay and Simran definitely boasts of one of the strongest plot line from Bollywood recently. It keeps you hooked on from start to end. The film is also laden with witty dialogues. Kudos to Apurva Israni, who has written the story and dialogues of the film, and of course, hats off to Kangana Ranaut too, who is credited for additional dialogues.

6) Kangana Ranaut

So if she has impressed you with her portrayal of unconventional characters like Rani (Queen), Tanu (Tanu Weds Manu), Datto (Tanu Weds Manu Returns) and Julia (Rangoon), Kangana will make your jaws drop with the portrayal of the carefree, feisty, badass, mooh-phat – Praful. Right from mastering the Gujju twang to giving out priceless expressions, Kangana embraces Praful Patel of Simran with conviction and gives us yet another memorable character.    

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