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published time By Liveinstyle published time 04 Aug, 2018 Share image 12 Shares

Shilpa Shetty Kundra is among the few Bollywood actresses, who is enjoying immense popularity on both the platforms – television as well as celluloid. The actress, who has judged several reality shows, recently made an appearance on Salman Khan’s ‘Dus a Dum 3’, where she was seen competing in the game with choreographer turned director, Farah Khan.

Shilpa triumphed over Farah to make it to the final round of the game and won a whopping amount of Rs.10 Lakh. The actress, who is known for her philanthropic work, decided to donate her handsome reward to her nonprofit organization – The Shilpa Shetty Foundation, which provides shelter and education to orphans.

With a constant awareness of social causes, Shilpa has been consistently involved in charity work. She started The Shilpa Shetty Foundation 8 years ago and ever since has been looking after several children’s homes and orphanages.

Shilpa with her ‘Dus Ka Dum’ winning amount hopes to rebuild an orphanage in Belgaum. Speaking about the orphanage she said, “The orphanage in Belgaum houses 60 children who are HIV survivors. For the past eight years, Raj (Kundra, husband) and I have been taking care of their accommodation, food and other needs. With this money, I want to rebuild the place.”

She also explained how she first heard of this place, “The Belgaum children's shelter holds a special place in my heart. I read about this young guy who was single-handedly running the place. He had taken in children who were ostracized because they had HIV.  I approached him and started funding the orphanage.” Commendable, isn’t it?

That’s not all, the Shetty gal has supported many charities and foundations even before she started out her own NGO. She had even donated her Celebrity Big Brother winning amount in 2007 to charity. That apart she has been part of many projects and has done tremendous work for different causes.

From helping terminally ill patients to adopting villages, in every way she has stood up as a responsible human being, who has always been willing to offer a helping hand to the ones in need.

The leggy beauty appreciates her blessed life with luxuries and believes in helping the ones in need and giving back to the society. Atta girl! We all are super proud of you.

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