Robert Pattinson has a dirty habit: Bold move or pure torture?

You can be the judge and jury on this one. ‘Twilight’ star Robert Pattinson has a funny (read: odd) addiction to reading reviews of his work — but he’s obsessed only with negative feedback.

“I do read reviews to a fault and it’s an awful thing to do,” Robert confesses, laughing: “It’s an addiction. And you only read the bad ones too, just to foster hatred, self-hatred, self-loathing! It’s a weird habit.” Insiders say the habit helps push R-Patz to greater heights, because bad reviews further his “need to prove something” and deliver more and more with each film. Considering he has gone from playing Edward Cullen to Jacob Jankowski (‘Water for Elephants’), Pattinson does appear to be making a strong statement.

Robert Pattinson

“I definitely feel like I need to prove something and I’m not sure exactly what that is,” the 29-year-old actor adds. Well, as long as he sets himself realistic challenges and can laugh at himself when needed, we have no cause to question Robert’s amusing addiction to rotten reviews. Whatever floats your boat Patz!


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