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Parthiv Patel is making waves this week for being summoned for the Mohali game against England, after an eight-year hiatus from the Indian Test team. This is possibly the longest interval between Test appearances for any local cricketer in our history, so it is not surprising that many are touting Parthiv’s return as a miraculous resurrection.

Truth be told, it isn’t like Parthiv has been fashioned a team kit by his fairy godmother for a British ball in Mohali. No pumpkins or glass slippers feature in Patel’s story, yet there’s still magic here to marvel at. Parthiv was just 17 when he first burst onto the scene, with his Test debut England in 2002. He may have been lauded as a prodigy at the time, but what Parthiv in fact experienced was a bumpy ride as the years rolled on; on a road paved with unfortunate and unforeseeable events.

Unable to establish a firm foothold on the Test team, Parthiv continued to play his game with passion. “I kept working hard and kept performing at every level, be it first class, List A or the Indian Premier League,” Patel confesses, adding: “I never used to think about selection. That is not in my hands. I can only take care of those things that are in my control, like training and performing; and that’s what I have been doing all these years.” It is this magical attitude that has helped in handing Parthiv another shot at a Test career.

The diminutive Parthiv Patel isn’t a man you’d think of when you are looking examples of path-breaking players whose bold moves have inspired a nation. Yet, that’s exactly what this little lad is. He has proved that the boldest move one can sometimes make is to persevere against all odds. He’s never been one to complain about lost opportunities, because he has chosen instead to keep on walking. While some say this resurrection is magical, we’d rather restrict it to the realm of reality. After all, Parthiv’s magic stems from something very, very real: self-belief. “I always believed that I still have it in me to play cricket at the highest level,” he says with a smile. Enjoy your latest shot, Parthiv. We’re cheering from the side-lines.

Image Credits: Deccan Chronicle; Quotes: Mid-Day

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