Monica Bellucci’s latest bold move


Several ‘b’ words come to mind at the mention of Monica Bellucci’s name: Bernini and Botticelli (the incomparable artists from her native Italy), beautiful (like the nymphs and goddesses who inspired those very artists), bold (like her character in ‘Malena’ and a score of other films) and now Bond (the ‘b’ word that has set us on this track!).
With the new James Bond movie ‘Spectre’ scheduled for an October 2015 release, Bellucci is back in the news — as bold and beautiful as ever. And this week the sultry 50-year-old star is making headlines for admitting that co-star Daniel Craig was easier to kiss during filming because he’s a “sexy man”! We saw Craig step out of the ocean in those La Perla swim trunks too (‘Casino Royale’ for those who missed that memorable Bond moment), so Bellucci’s admission comes as no surprise. What did amaze us was the revelation that followed: apparently Monica finds kissing on screen intimidating. Those amongst us familiar with her filmography would know why our eyebrows are still arched in disbelief, but for Bollywood loyalists, let’s just say Bellucci makes our boy Emraan Hashmi look like a novice. Her boldest move yet: asking us to believe she is camera-shy when it comes to kissing!
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