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published time By Sonali Velinker Kamat published time 14 Jul, 2016 Share image 0 Shares

Sofia Vergara Birthday Bash at Home

Sofia Vergara certainly knows how to host a house party! The ‘Modern Family’ actress turned 44 on Sunday and insists she organised a get-together “really fast last week,” as a “simple” celebration for friends and family. Clearly Sofia’s idea of simple is nothing short of perfection; with her amazing birthday bash proving to be as picture perfect as you can possibly imagine.

Perhaps in celebration of the fact that life isn’t giving her lemons (pun intended), Sofia picked the gorgeous yellow fruit as the hero of her party theme, with the night’s drinks and décor drawing their inspiration from lemons. “When you can’t go to Italy for your birthday, bring it to you,” said Sofia, explaining her lemon-themed Italian dinner party.

Titling it a ‘Midsummer Night Dreams and Wishes’ bash, Sofia ensured that her guests were seated at tables laden with lemon yellow and white flowers — and everything, from her charger plates to her monogrammed napkins, featured lemons too. In keeping with the Azzurri idea, plates in a rich blue were stacked up alongside a sumptuous spread of desserts — for guests to gorge on after dinner. With the poolside of her Los Angeles residence providing the perfect backdrop, Sofia even had lemon trees lined up in her garden; their boughs weighed down by lush lemons. Limoncello took pride of place next to Johnnie Walker Black Label at the bar and, to make things even juicer, both Sofia and her 23-year-old son Manolo dressed in lemon costumes for a while!

While a recap of the festivities includes all the clues you need, here’s a rundown of the five key ingredients needed to replicate Sofia’s stunning soirée: a juicy theme, a party planner who can make your ‘midsummer night dreams and wishes’ come true, a great bar (don’t forget the Johnnie Walker), fabulous flowers and delicious food.

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