John Terry moves to a lower football league and we love him more for it. Why?

July 07, 2017 Bold Articles

John Terry moves to a lower football league

With five Premier League wins to his credit and a Champions League trophy in his cabinet, who would think that the defining moment of John Terry’s career would come when most folks thought he was retiring?!

For those who haven’t been following the former England captain’s plans since he bid goodbye to Chelsea on June 30, JT has inked a one-year deal with Aston Villa. Despite big-money offers apparently from China, the United States, Turkey’s Galatasaray and a handful of Premier League teams, the football star finally chose Villa as the venue for this new phase of his career.

Now, given that Villa isn’t even a Premier League team, one could pitch this move as a fall from grace for the once-great John Terry. You could, however, also view this as sportsmanship at its very best — just as we do. He may be 36, but Terry isn’t quite ready to hang up his boots. He doesn’t want to be a show pony at a foreign club, like many past Premier League stars have been before him. Terry wants to play — first division football or not, his priority is the game. Terry wants to contribute — and at Aston Villa, he has a massive opportunity to do just that, since he could potentially propel them back into the Premier League. More impressive still, Terry does not want to play against Chelsea, where he has spent 22 incredible years.

So, why would JT chose to “leave the comfy environs of English football’s top division for a scrap through the mud with Villa,” as Newsweek so eloquently asks? Simply because Terry is looking for a challenge. He wants to win the English Football League Championship with Villa and push them back up into the top tier of the English game. But most of all, this move tells us one thing: John Terry isn’t afraid of playing bold.

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