Jason Donovan and Gary Barlow’s signature start-up

It’s never too late to plan a start-up, as the beautiful women in Gary Barlow and Jason Donovan’s lives have proved. The 44-year-old Take That frontman’s spouse Dawn Barlow and Jason’s wife Ange Donovan have set up their own gifts website called Mobs, which sells lifestyle products. By association, the ‘Especially for You’ singer (those of a certain vintage will remember Jason’s 1988 duet with Kylie Minogue) and Gary are business partners — and both stars are supporting their spouses wholeheartedly.


“The ladies have been working on the project since March and Gary and Jason have been very supportive. They tweeted to get Mobs off the ground,” an insider reveals.

Every eyeball helps in pushing a start-up towards success, but finally it all comes down to the commitment of its founders. Both lovely ladies are determined to maintain an honourable approach to business, we’re told; with an insider adding, “The most important thing to Dawn and Ange is that they maintain an ethical vibe with the company. It’s been going well so far. They’re excited about what the future holds.”

More power to their signature initiative — we’ll raise a toast to intrepid entrepreneurship anytime!

Image Credits: gcstatic.com

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