Jacqueline Fernandez encourages change as a bold move this festive season!

Encouraging people to break old habits is a bold move and that’s what we’re rah-rahing Jacqueline Fernandez for this week.


In the run-up to the festival of lights, the actress is asking her social media followers, fans and folks everywhere to desist from bursting firecrackers this year. “Let’s make Diwali safe for our pets,” the gorgeous ‘Kick’ star requested her three-million-and-counting Twitter followers on November 5 and followed it up with this November 7 post: “#FeelsSoGoodWhen Diwali can be noiseless for Miu Miu & all animals.”

Read between the lines and you’ll find the leggy lass is pushing a brand she endorses simultaneously, but we’re happy to let the positive message alone take centre-stage. At a time when animals suffer serious anxiety from the frightful din of bombs and rockets, we’re backing Jacqueline’s message: spread cheer and not fear this season. More smiles and less smoke will be to everyone’s benefit!

Image Credit : cdn.bollywoodtabloid.com


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