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In the past couple of years, Rahul Subramanian has emerged as one of the country’s most talented stand-up comedians who has gained quite a fan following. From conference rooms in the corporate world to the stage, his journey has been pretty incredible. The Mumbai-bred funny guy runs a YouTube channel called Random Chikibum along with co-creator Kumar Varun, has collaborated with AIB, and is now touring the country with his stand-up special. Recently, we had a fun conversation with him where he spoke about his favourite party places, favourite holiday destination, and more. Take a look.

In Conversation With Rahul Subramanian: His Favorite Party Hubs, His Love For Andaz Apna Apna And More

What’s your idea of a great party at home?

A party at home is already a great party. You don’t have to worry about dropping people home or getting dropped. There’s nothing better than chilling with your closest friends in a comfortable space with some delicious food and great drinks topped with some games, singing and dancing.

Which city, according to you, has the best nightlife in the country (or even across the globe)?

I recently visited Barcelona and it was absolutely insane. It has a brilliant nightlife. In India, it has to be Mumbai because the city has people from all walks of life; it’s a fabulous place to meet people and hang out. I have often gone out even by myself and ended up making friends with strangers. Mumbai is awesome that way.

In Conversation With Rahul Subramanian: His Favorite Party Hubs, His Love For Andaz Apna Apna And More

What is your favourite night spot?

These days I would rather do a house party than go out, but back in the days it used to be Hawaiian Shack in Mumbai. I totally loved that place.

What is your favourite movie?

I am a big fan of Andaz Apna Apna. I think Aamir Khan’s timing is impeccable and I would consider myself lucky if I someday manage to do 10% of that performance.

It is a hilarious movie indeed. What is your favourite scene?

It is very difficult to choose but I would say the scene where Aamir and Salman find out that the girls’ uncle has been kidnapped for real. Their reactions are hilarious.

Who, according to you, is the most stylish in the industry?

Abish Mathew. I think he is extremely stylish.

Name your favourite holiday destination.

It has to be Maldives.

What’s your workout regime like?

I started yoga four months back and I play football regularly.

What does Rahul Subramanian do on lazy Saturdays/Sundays?

I start a lazy day with eating my breakfast, making filter coffee, drawing the curtains and then spending all day watching Netflix.

Do you cook and if yes, what do you enjoy cooking?

I can cook basic stuff, because I have lived on my own before. I can do daal, chawal, sabji, bhurji, dosa et al.

What are you working on currently? Tell us something about it.

I am currently recording my stand-up special Kal Main Udega. Apart from that I am always trying new material.

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Interviewed by Neha Kapoor

All images have been sourced from Instagram