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published time By Saylee published time 25 Apr, 2019 Share image 0 Shares

If there's one plan that can never NOT be fun, it's karaoke night!
Whether you’re a bathroom singer or an Arijit who sings at the drop of a hat, karaoke is all about having fun with your yaars.
But have you ever imagined what the Avengers would look like if they assembled at a karaoke bar? Who would be the nightingale and who would be a total nightmare when the track comes on?
This would totally be the marvellous endgame if the Avengers decided to start an infinity war with the karaoke machine!

Hulk AKA The Sharmila Singer – Apart from wanting to sit on the side and listen to his yaars sing, Hulk would be someone who would rather prefer singing the chorus to ‘Don’t Stop Believin’. But don’t let his behaviour fool you.
Put him in the spotlight and he won’t shy away from impressing everyone with his powerful voice. When he picks the mic in his dhai kilo ka haath, he smashes the track! With his brains and maybe even a PhD in song lyrics, don’t be surprised if he knows all the lyrics to all the songs by heart!
If Your Favourite Avenger Walks Into A Karaoke Bar…

Iron Man AKA The Drama Queen – Call him a diva or a performer, he is obviously the Beyonce at the bar. He doesn’t care whose song it is, or if he’s being singing for 2 hours straight, he’s here to sing, and sing he will! He might get a little carried away singing ‘Who Run The World’ and forget that he might start a Civil War if he doesn’t stop singing. But, oh well… with that style and charisma, Tony will always be the yaar who’s a star!
If Your Favourite Avenger Walks Into A Karaoke Bar…

Captain America AKA The Old Soul – A lover of the classics, he’s the type to pick Kishore Kumar over Coldplay any day. While pop culture may not be his forte, he stays true to his sad retro classics. A real underdog, he might just end up being better than Mr Stark and will somehow manage to be modest about it all. Don’t be surprised if he ends up getting into an explosive duet with Tony though. Who doesn’t love these yaars and their takraar?

Spiderman AKA The Mera Number Kab Aayega – Always wanting to prove himself, he’s probably Googled ‘How to be number 1 at karaoke’, owing to his mastery of the web. And once he gets his chance he will go all out and end up picking the most complicated song on the list. Breathless, anyone?
While he may start off amazingly, he will end up messing the lyrics only to make the audience go ‘Awwwww’ with his boyish charm. No matter how badly he sings, he's got the 'spidey sense' to get the crowd to cheer for him! Afterall, with a great voice comes a greater responsibility of winning people's hearts right?!

Thor AKA The Class Clown All about making the best entry, this guy would give Salman Khan a run for his money. More of a stand-up comedian than a singer, he won’t think twice before cracking a few hilarious jokes once you hand him a mic. Expect a thunderous applause though, because when he picks up the mic, he is ready to hammer out all the right notes. Because with him, Thor-i si masti zaruri hai, yaar!

So, when all these superheroes turn into singing superstars, who's song will you be hooting at the most?
Do tell us in the comments below!