Diana Penty Gives Beauty Advice, And It Is Totally Worth Your Attention

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The lovely Diana Penty, who recently won our hearts with her amicable performance in Happy Bhag Jayegi lives by the mantra — ‘Love thyself’ and uninhibitedly sermonizes the same.

In times, when many youngsters go to extreme limits to emulate their favorite Bollywood actors and end up ruining their health in the process, Diana has a very sensible message for them. “Going on extreme diets to look a certain way is not worth it because, modeling or acting, while being an exciting and glamorous profession, isn’t worth risking one's health and life for,” says the Cocktail actress.

Diana admits having gone through a similar phase while she was growing up when she was extremely conscious of her physical appearance. “I was a skinny kid. And a tall, lanky, awkward teenager! This made me self-conscious at the time,” reveals the model-turned-actress.

But today, she has overcome all her insecurities, is comfortable in her own skin and feels that everyone else should be too. “Young girls look at us and think we are flawless. What they don't realize is that often a fair amount of photoshop has gone into the beautiful magazine covers that they see. Not to mention the time spent on make-up and hair before a shoot. We don’t just wake up every morning looking like that," She confesses boldly.

Furthermore, Diana believes that everyone is beautiful in their own right and needn’t ape anyone. And this is the reason why she has refused to even judge any beauty contests, despite being offered the opportunity several times. She says, “Each of those girls is beautiful in their own way, and it would be difficult for me to pick one over the other".

Attagirl, you are indeed inspiring!

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