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published time By Sonali Velinker Kamat published time 20 Nov, 2015 Share image 0 Shares

We’ve been complaining about our pothole-riddled roads for ages and now we’re not alone. A few short weeks ago, British supermodel Yasmin Le Bon flew into the country to participate in an auto-rickshaw race in support of ‘Elephant Family’ — a group founded by the late conservationist Mark Shand, that works to save endangered Asian elephants from extinction.

With her equally gorgeous daughter Amber playing companion, Yasmin was all geared up for the ‘Travels to my Elephant’ rickshaw race, when her charitable plan hit an unexpected obstacle (almost literally). Their three-wheeler hit a pothole and the accident resulted in a broken shoulder for Yasmin.

Taking to Instagram, Amber shared a picture with her mother as they set off on their trip; later explaining to her fans what had happened: “So this was our very cute rickshaw!! Sadly we didn’t get to complete the challenge due to a little mishap and a few broken bones, but all is well now.”

Despite the accident, over 30 other custom-designed rickshaws drove on, covering a 500 kilometre course through Madhya Pradesh and coming to a halt at Kipling Camp. Designed by acclaimed creative geniuses including Diane Von Furstenberg, Carolina Herrera and our very own Sabyasachi, the participating rickshaws were as bold and wonderful as the charitable concept itself — a few broken bones notwithstanding!

All said and done, Yasmin is likely to be back in India in the future — her love for the country unscathed by this accident. Next time though, she may think an elephant ride is safer than an auto rickshaw!

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