A bold move: Robbie Williams is all set to explore a new passion!

Sometimes the boldest move of all is setting aside an established career to go chase a new one. Last week, former ‘Take That’ star Robbie Williams confessed that he could be set to take a break from music next year, in order to pursue a career on the small screen.

Robbie Williams

“I’ve got a few irons in the fire that aren’t necessarily musical. Nothing solid yet, but it would involve TV,” Robbie told reporters in Australia, just ahead of his ‘Let Me Entertain You’ tour. Adding, “I shouldn’t have said anything because I can’t say anything,” Robbie nonetheless suggested that he would be involved in creating the show, as well as starring in it, if the project does take shape.

At 41, this would require Robbie to push his personal boundaries into a largely unknown arena — while he’s no stranger to fame or creativity, acting is a whole new ballgame. “I want to do. It may or may not happen — (but) at the moment it is happening and I’m excited about it,” the Brit boyband legend confessed. There’s nothing quite like a royal challenge to spur you on and, having already racked up a record 17 BRIT Awards for music, trying his hand at something new certainly offers up a refreshing change!

Image Credit: cdni.condenast.co.uk


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