5 reasons why we love Virat Kohli

The hardest thing about listing the top five reasons why we love Virat Kohli is restricting the list to five points! There’s no doubt that the Royal Challengers Bangalore captain has skills. He’s a run machine and we love that, but he gets brownie points from us for five very different reasons:



5 reasons why we love Virat Kohli

Why look too far into the past for an example? In his current role as RCB captain, Virat is opting to open the innings. “It’s an unfamiliar role for Kohli, but he’s doing it for the team,” says Clayton Murzello, Group Sports Editor, MidDay newspaper. Backing Ajinkya Rahane and protecting his place on the national team is another recent example. “I feel one game doesn’t overshadow two years of hard work from another player. You need to understand what Jinx (Rahane’s nickname) has done for the team over the past two years,” said Virat, when asked to justify selecting Ajinkya over Karnataka batsman Karun Nair.



From adopting destitute dogs to promoting noise-free festivities as a gesture of compassion for animals who “get restless” and “cannot communicate” their discomfort, Virat always encourages his fans to “do the right thing.” Better still, he leads by example.

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Whether it is his ability to be bold in the face of sledging, to refuse the safe ‘no comments’ route when he has a point to make, or his aggression when he feels others are crossing the line, Virat Kohli stands his ground. He won’t be bullied and he inspires his fans to boldly face their aggressors and fears too.



He’s a boy who respects his mother and, by extension, other women. “Dear Girls,” read a Women’s Day message from Virat in 2016, “Sorry for the jerks. The whistlers. The cat-callers. The blank-callers. The ‘frandship’ stalkers. The ‘accidental’ brushers. Please don’t let them ruin it for the rest of us.” Awww. Need we say more?

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Compared to the other reasons we love him, this may seem flippant — but it’s true! He’s constantly experimenting with his look and pretty much everything works for him. Stubble, no stubble, a beard, gelled hair, a short crop — the list is endless, and we aren’t even talking about his wardrobe yet. Whether he is dressed up or keeping it casual, Virat wears any look with a generous dollop of inimitable swag. He isn’t just stylish, he’s got style in spades!

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