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Experts in Style

From daily dose of celebrity gossip to the perfect place to visit. Let the experts guide you on the latest, hottest buzz.

Experts In Style

Rohan Carvalho

With over a decade of experience throughout the bartending industry Rohan Carvalho has been... View More

Harsh Dixit

Harsh Dixit is a professional chef at one of the popular restaurants in Mumbai, living his... View More

Sreejita B

A writer and photographer, her relationship with words are rather comple. There are times when they... View More


2Blue (a.k.a Tirthankar Poddar) forayed into the Mumbai rock circuit in 2000. Having gained... View More

Neville Mathews

Neville Mathews is a twenty-something working professional, an avid reader and a regular festival... View More


Ardent fashion lover based in Bombay. Works as an independent fashion blogger on and... View More

Ami Shroff

Ami Behram Shroff has been a flair bartender, mixologist and performing artist since 2003. Being... View More

Smrithi Rao

Along with Vintage Obsession, where most of her encounters are documented, Smrithi Rao likes to... View More

Neel Adhikari

Neel Adhikari is a music director/ singer songwriter from Kolkata. Fiercely independent, Neel has... View More

Shashank Singh

Shashank is a Technology Geek who loves Sci-Fi and Whodunnit Thrillers. He is fascinated by how... View More


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