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Experts in Style
From daily dose of celebrity gossip to the perfect place to visit. Let the experts guide you on the latest, hottest buzz.
Experts in Style
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Viren Fernandes



Viren writes for food, beer and his own amusement. His interests include reading, travelling and envisioning himself as the director (and the audience) of a comedy based on everything he sees.

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Viren Fernandes's BLOGS

The Podcast Party Line-up

Mar 10, 2015

For all this talk about easily available internet in the country, awareness about podcasts is surprisingly low. That probably has to do with bandwidth issues, but as internet speeds pick up, podcasts... Read More

Why every night should be Ladies Night

Feb 26, 2015

With International Women’s Day around the corner, it’s probably a good time to take a look at that strange phenomenon called Ladies Night. One night of the week, when  some bars offer... Read More

The Mahindra Blues Festival 2015

Feb 17, 2015

Whatever way you looked at it, the weekend held all the promise of an epic, memorable one. On top of the cricket World Cup getting started, Valentine’s Day, and the mother of all... Read More

World Cup Teams' Party Personalities

Feb 10, 2015

We’ve all heard people say that the World Cup is one big party. Sure it is.  But what if the cricket World Cup was an actual party, and all the participating teams were guests there? Would... Read More

Unconventional Date Ideas For Valentine's Day

Jan 20, 2015

It’s that time of the year again. When all the lovey-dovey couples will be making their lovey-dovey plans. With romantic dinners, late-night movies, mushy gifts, chocolates, flowers and a sea of... Read More

5 Pretenders To Avoid At Music Concerts

Jan 13, 2015

As the party season slowly transitions into the music concert season, there’ll be a bunch of gigs lined up in or near your city, and there surely will be a few you might consider attending, and... Read More

10 #unfake cover versions of great songs

Jan 06, 2015

Personally, I feel covers are a risky business for any artist, new or established. Most times, the best reaction a cover song gets is something along the lines of “Not bad, but I prefer the... Read More

What's Your UnFake Party Quotient?

Dec 30, 2014

We all believe we should behave a certain way at parties. But... real fun begins when you #unfake it. Take the test, be your true self and find your UnFake Party... Read More

Party Resolutions To Follow As You Begin 2016

Dec 23, 2014

We’re all looking forward to the New Year,  the time for new beginnings. A time to erase the mistakes of past year and turn over a new leaf. We definitely have a few resolutions in... Read More

Top International New Year Destinations to Unwind in Style

Dec 09, 2014

As 2015 approaches, almost at warp speed, maybe it’s time to pause. With the build-up to New Year’s as intense as it is, with numerous parties all through December, perhaps welcoming the New Year... Read More

Curious New Year Traditions Around The World

Dec 03, 2014

As the clock winds down to midnight on the last day of the year, the New Year is welcomed with enthusiasm in all parts of the world. This year, with the company of your Yaars, and McDowell's No.1,... Read More

Party Hatters You're Sure To Encounter On A New Year's Eve

Dec 01, 2014

Most of us have our New Year plans in place by now, and we’re all (hopefully) looking forward to it. No matter what your plans are, or where you plan to bring in the New Year, it’s... Read More

Become The Life Of The Party This New Year Season

Dec 01, 2014

It’s that time of the year when you probably have party invites lined up for New Year’s Eve. There’ll be friends, acquaintances, people you’ll never see again and people you hope to see... Read More

Tips To Coast Along In Party Mode

Dec 01, 2014

Most of us are still recovering from the Diwali weekend. And if that was a sign of anything to come it’s going to be one long, marathon party all the way to the New Year. And you'll... Read More

9 Types Of Parties You'll Be Invited To This Season

Nov 11, 2014

It’s the party season, and that’s really all anyone is talking about. Now, everyone loves a party but this time of the year you’re probably going to be flooded with invites. To choose... Read More


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