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From daily dose of celebrity gossip to the perfect place to visit. Let the experts guide you on the latest, hottest buzz.
Experts in Style
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Ardent fashion lover based in Bombay. Works as an independent fashion blogger on and also as a freelance model and writer. Graduated from NIFT in Fashion Communication. Featured in Femina, Grazia, Maxim, Cosmopolitan and Vogue Italia online, believes dressing up is an unspoken form of self expression, travel makes one wiser, wants to experience living in at least 50 places in a lifetime, obsessed with keeping her wardrobe organized, loves sunsets at carter road, a complete dog lover but doesn't own pets, loves cake, always up for a swim, must listen to music at all times.

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Rhea's BLOGS

Girls Night Out

Feb 12, 2014

Mumbai is the city of lights and dreams and also one of the best party destinations in the country. Appropriately touted as the city that never sleeps, Mumbai has fabulous places for everybody to go... Read More

What women want?

Nov 06, 2013

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