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From daily dose of celebrity gossip to the perfect place to visit. Let the experts guide you on the latest, hottest buzz.
Experts in Style
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Raul Dias


With over a decade's worth of food, travel and luxury articles under his belt, Raul Dias describes himself as an incorrigible hedonist who moonlights as a lifestyle writer on his odd day off!

Raul Dias's BLOGS

The Monsoon Vacation Downpour!

May 26, 2015

While you and the entire country may be celebrating the aqueous bounty after a torrid summer, it’s also the time to indulge yourselves in some of the most luxurious vacation experiences your money... Read More

A Luxe Winter in Summer!?

May 06, 2015

While you sweat it out in the sweltering summer heat, remember, cool deliverance is just a jet plane ride away! We bring you a selection of five luxurious Southern Hemisphere getaways that are in the... Read More

The IPL Luxury Concierge - Kolkata

Apr 06, 2015

As the host city to the IPL finals on the 24th of May at the hallowed Eden Gardens Stadium, the City of Joy as it were puts on a spectacular show for all your IPL fans with everything from especially... Read More

IPL Luxe Concierge : Bengaluru

Apr 06, 2015

Not only is this city blessed with cool weather all-year-round, but also with some of the coolest denizens you will have the pleasure celebrating your team’s victory with, at one of its many pubs.... Read More

IPL Luxe Concierge : Chennai

Apr 06, 2015

Never mind namma Chennai’s reputation of being on the wrong side of fun, watch the IPL fever reach a fevered crescendo at one of its many hot spots and you’ll be singing a different tune—both... Read More

IPL Luxe Concierge : Hyderabad

Apr 06, 2015

Let yourself be treated like royalty—and even live like one at a palace—in the city of charm and the Charminar, where a little off cricket pampering and indulgence should be your number one... Read More

IPL Luxe Concierge : Pune

Apr 06, 2015

No longer does this diminutive city in the Deccan play second fiddle to Mumbai. With a dynamic landscape dotted with luxurious indulges both in and around the city, Pune will knock your socks... Read More

IPL Luxe Concierge : The Brass Tacks

Apr 06, 2015

Ever wondered how to score those perfect match seat tickets? Wondered if you should charter a 5-seater private jet or simply fly commercial… or then maybe you should RV it all the way to the semi... Read More

IPL Luxe Concierge : Raipur

Apr 06, 2015

As one of India’s youngest state capitals, Raipur may be a newbie on the socio-political radar, but it’s a growing city with a slowly burgeoning art and sports scene and a super getaway to the... Read More

IPL Luxe Concierge : Mumbai

Apr 06, 2015

The city that never sleeps—Mumbai—makes sure that you live by that credo with the abundance of indulgences it has on offer. Post IPL match pampering in the city was never this good, trust... Read More

IPL Luxe Concierge : Mohali

Apr 06, 2015

While Chandigarh may be just around the corner, the commercial hub of Mohali erupts in all things cricket come IPL season, as fans throng this city turning its roads into a post-match block party... Read More

IPL Luxe Concierge : Delhi

Apr 06, 2015

The capital of India, may as well add another moniker—Party City—to its long list of sobriquets. From its well-stocked bars to ease away those “my favourite team lost” blues to exotic... Read More

IPL Luxe Concierge : Vishakhapatnam

Apr 06, 2015

For a city of Visakhapatnam’s size, this east coast metro has a lot on tap from its serene beaches and luxurious resorts to oodles of maritime history and great coastal food. Primarily an... Read More

IPL Luxe Concierge : Ahmedabad

Apr 06, 2015

Nothing can diminish the high ‘spirits’ of this dynamic and vibrant city during an VIVO IPL match. The Amdavadis know how to live it up in style and the odds of you having a super luxurious break... Read More

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